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Service Dogs & Emotional Support Animals

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Perfect for housing, hotels and public places

United States Service Dog Registrar has helped thousands of individuals like you register their service pets.

Avoid questioning looks and the aggravation that comes with simply bringing your service dog or emotional support animal on a flight or to a hotel. 
Our comprehensive registration packages give you the options for both a digital and hard-plastic Service Identification Card. Your digital ID card can be easily stored on your phone and used wherever you go.
Our premium Ultra-duty ID cards are shipped free of charge and usually arrive within 3-5 days. A simple flash of your service dog card neutralizes 99% of encounters.

Enjoy the accessibility privilege of having your service dog with you everywhere you go. 

Receive Your Digital Documents the Same Day as Your Order

Who qualifies for a service dog?

There are many reasons someone would require a service dog, and not all of them are visibly noticeable.

Find out if your dog qualifies as a service dog.

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Why register with us?

100% Compliant in All 50 States

Certifying your dog in the service dog registry will provide you with a hassle-free experience whenever you’re in public places.
Every Service Dog Registration Package and Emotional Support Animal Kit is explicitly compliant in all 50 states, under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.
Additionally, every package is also Air Carrier Access and Fair Housing Act compliant.
Our premium, service dog ID cards, lightweight and heavy-duty vests and digital certification will help you easily navigate service dog laws and guidelines.
Once you receive your digital registration documents, you and your service dog will have complete access to all public and private places without unfair pet rules. You’ll also be immune to extra fees and required pet deposits that could save you up to $1,200 a year.
Order now and receive your digital documents today.

“registering Annika as a service dog was the best thing I’ve done since I got her. I wish I had done it sooner…thank you so much!!”


Margaret P.

“finally, after thinking about it for years we got Cooper registered…everything was emailed the same day…awesome experience”


Derrick James

Nationwide Identification

Register Your Service Dog or Emotional Support Animal


Essential Service Dog Registration Package

Special Price


  • Service Dog Registration
  • 1 Ultra-Duty ID card
  • Unique Registration Number
  • Digital ID and Certification
  • Receive your digital documents the same day
  • Free Shipping

Premium Service Dog Registration Package

Special Price


  • Service Dog Registration
  • 2 Ultra-Duty ID cards
  • Lightweight service dog vest
  • Unique Registration Number
  • Digital ID and Certification
  • Receive your digital documents the same day
  • Free Shipping

Deluxe Service Dog Registration Package

Special Price


  • Service Dog Registration
  • 3 Ultra-Duty ID cards
  • Heavy weight service dog vest
  • 20 Cards – ADA Service Dogs Law
  • Unique Registration Number
  • Digital ID and Certification
  • Receive your digital documents the same day
  • Free Shipping
Grace D. & PJ

I am a repeat customer with 2 dogs in a row. My husband is diabetic, and we travel for kids’ sports. Therefore we are in the car, eating out and spending time in hotels. Our service dog is wonderful and accepted everywhere! We love this product!

Gerald Fayner & Clementine

I love everything about my experience registering my service dog. I received my digital documents fast, within 2 hours of ordering. The customer service with this company is top notch.

Pada K. Rouge & Apollo

Came quickly and good quality. I feel very confident in taking my dog into places of business now. Thank you

Claudette Garcia & Locke

Size: XS( 14-18″ Girth) It was so hard to find a vest for a 8 lb dog! Yes, small dogs can serve as a service animal. This does fit well and is lighweight. Be sure to measure your dog according to the chart. Keep in mind that the vest may need to fit over a coat in the winter though.

George F. & Cherry

Size: XL( 31.5-39″ Girth) It’s amazing! I ordered it for my Great Dane and it fits him perfectly! They are very adaptable to sizes. I’m very happy with the price, quality, and adjustability of this product. Would DEFINITELY buy again.

Vern Hess & Alto

I like how easy it is to use. It helps when someone questions you about my service dog. Thank you for fast delivery 😁

Karen L & Bailey

Size: XXS 15''- 18'' Girth I have a 6.6lb Chihuahua/Jack Russel mix who is in the process of training to be my psychiatric service dog. I have bipolar disorder, PTSD and severe anxiety. While it is not necessary to have a service vest for a dog in the US. It does help to alleviate some of the questions from the general public and business owners when my service animal enters public places.

Laura T & Humphrey

Fits perfectly and so much more comfortable for my dog. She is small and I am so happy to have found a vest that works for her.

Jenshee G. & Jo Jo

This XXS vest was perfect for my 9lb yorkie. Love this product. Highly recommend. Great service.

    Your Disability and Public Knowledge

    Federal law protects your rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Owners, managers, or any authoritative representative of a business is NOT ALLOWED to ask you what your disability is. That information is private and you do not have to disclose to anyone your qualifications for having a service dog.

    The only questions anyone is allowed to ask you are:

    1. Is that a Service Dog?

    2. What task is the service dog trained to assist you with?