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  • 1 Ultra-Duty Plastic ID Card
  • Lifetime Registration of Emotional Support Animal
  • Digital Certificate
  • Digital ID Card
  • Verify-ID™ Code for Registration Verification
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Grace D. & PJ

I am a repeat customer with 2 dogs in a row. My husband is diabetic, and we travel for kids’ sports. Therefore we are in the car, eating out and spending time in hotels. Our service dog is wonderful and accepted everywhere! We love this product!

Gerald Fayner & Clementine

I love everything about my experience registering my service dog. I received my digital documents fast, within 2 hours of ordering. The customer service with this company is top notch.

Pada K. Rouge & Apollo

Came quickly and good quality. I feel very confident in taking my dog into places of business now. Thank you

Claudette Garcia & Locke

Size: XS( 14-18″ Girth) It was so hard to find a vest for a 8 lb dog! Yes, small dogs can serve as a service animal. This does fit well and is lighweight. Be sure to measure your dog according to the chart. Keep in mind that the vest may need to fit over a coat in the winter though.

George F. & Cherry

Size: XL( 31.5-39″ Girth) It’s amazing! I ordered it for my Great Dane and it fits him perfectly! They are very adaptable to sizes. I’m very happy with the price, quality, and adjustability of this product. Would DEFINITELY buy again.

Vern Hess & Alto

I like how easy it is to use. It helps when someone questions you about my service dog. Thank you for fast delivery 😁

Karen L & Bailey

Size: XXS 15''- 18'' Girth I have a 6.6lb Chihuahua/Jack Russel mix who is in the process of training to be my psychiatric service dog. I have bipolar disorder, PTSD and severe anxiety. While it is not necessary to have a service vest for a dog in the US. It does help to alleviate some of the questions from the general public and business owners when my service animal enters public places.

Laura T & Humphrey

Fits perfectly and so much more comfortable for my dog. She is small and I am so happy to have found a vest that works for her.

Jenshee G. & Jo Jo

This XXS vest was perfect for my 9lb yorkie. Love this product. Highly recommend. Great service.


  • 1 Ultra Durable Plastic ID Card (heavy duty ID Card to carry in your pocket or wallet)  This includes a photo of the emotional support animal, the emotional support animal’s name, the handler’s name, the Verify-ID™ code and an EZ-Scan™ QR code.
  • Lifetime Registration (Your registration is valid for the lifetime of your emotional support animal)
  • Electronic Certificate (with the handler’s name, the emotional support animal name, and the date of registration) This certificate can be easily printed for framing or to keep for your records.
  • Electronic ID Card This includes a photo of the emotional support animal, the emotional support animal’s name, the handler’s name, the Verify-ID™ code and an EZ-Scan™ QR code. This card can be printed out or easily saved to your mobile device.
  • EZ-ScanQR Codes Our QR codes make it easy for anyone with a phone camera to scan and quickly access our verification page where they can enter your Verify-ID™ code and see your certification as well as the current ADA Laws. This makes it extremely easy to take your service dog anywhere and maintain social distancing.
  • Both the certificate and the ID cards include the Verify-ID™ code which can be used to look up the service dog in the database



1.  They are allowed to go almost anywhere you can go (restaurants, bars, etc) regardless of pet policies.

2.  A landlord or homeowner’s association must provide reasonable accommodation by waiving a no-pet rule or a pet deposit.

3.  Employers must allow service animals in the work place.


When you register with the United States Service Dog Registrar you will receive a card with an explanation of the laws and your rights to present to anyone who inquires about your animal, as well as full access to our staff of legal professionals.


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